Prequel to Welcome to Aberdeen

Feeling accomplished…spent two full days working on the prequel to my book Welcome to Aberdeen. Not sure what it will be called. Maybe The Game? According to the publishing house, the book will be out about a month before WTA. Can’t wait. […]

Book cover

I know I still have a bit to go before my book is published, but I am stoked! I just received a copy of my book cover. Whether it’s the official one or not, it’s still exciting to see. This whole adventure […]

July 2019 Update

I know. I know. It has been forever since I’ve updated my page. In my defense, I have a valid reason for this delay. I’ve been busy editing first book, Welcome to Aberdeen, readying it for publication, plus working on my second book, Mr. […]

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Welcome to Aberdeen update

Oh my goodness.  It seems like forever since I’ve been on this page, and all for a good reason.  I just finished editing the first go-round of my Welcome to Aberdeen book.  Now, it’s safely tucked into the hands of my editor.  […]

The Plan

The annual All Saints Church Carnival and Lawn Fete had arrived in Aberdeen.  It was the event every kid in Aberdeen looked forward to from the minute the carnival ended to the minute it returned.  A full three hundred sixty-five days, give […]

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The couch

“What do you think?” Lily asked as she circled the item for the third time. Lindsey, with her finger pressed against her chin, looked at the item again, then turned back to Lily.   “You want the truth?” Lily frowned as she looked […]

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The Baptism

Frank looked at the crowd of people huddled on the pebbled shore of the lake.  Everyone was dressed in their Easter finest.  Not that you could tell.  Most were cocooned in their warm, woolen coats and their knit scarfs.  Their breaths rose […]

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When things go awry . . .

Excitement filled the air.  Today, the residents of Aberdeen would celebrate Mardi Gras.  Everyone looked forward to the festival.  They loved the parade that started it, the parties that ended it and everything in between. Normally, the festival was on the Tuesday […]

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