Oh, lovely rain

Only in Arizona, does one go outside in the rain and hail. A monsoon storm at the end of September is better than no monsoon at all! Cheers to the weather person for making my night.

My babies

I don’t want to brag…cough…cough, but I’ve actually kept these pretties alive for one whole week. Anyone who knows me, knows that is quite an accomplishment. Under my care, most plants are on death row. Sigh. The struggle is real.

A day in the life of Jules

So, here it goes – this example is what my day, Monday through Friday, looks like – wake at 2:30 am. Have a cup of coffee 3:00 am, begin writing or editing 4:00 am, walk the dog 4:30 am, ready myself for […]

Hometown Player

Just signed my second contract with Wild Rose Press for the prequel to welcome to Aberdeen-Hometown Player. Now, the work begins…editing…ugh, I’m the worst at the job.

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