July 2019 Update

I know. I know. It has been forever since I’ve updated my page. In my defense, I have a valid reason for this delay. I’ve been busy editing first book, Welcome to Aberdeen, readying it for publication, plus working on my second book, Mr. January, on top of working my ‘real world-hope-soon-to-make-it-my-former-job’ job.

So, with that said, every day finds me busy at my laptop, making edits and corrections, working feverishly over my keyboard while debating each word. Who knew editing took so much time and effort? I continually feel like pulling out every strand of hair on my head and giving up. However, after I’ve had my little tantrum, I pick up my laptop and continue, thinking, “Wow, I want this job for the rest of my life!”

There is something to be said for this anguishing, frustrating, exhilarating process.

Most days, I wonder if my writing is even remotely interesting, or could a monkey string words together, creating a cohesive story better than I. In the end, though, I walk away with an overwhelming feeling of acute inner-happiness and contentment.

Ah…the sweet spot in life.

Anyway, hopefully soon (cross your fingers) my book, Welcome to Aberdeen will be published by Wild Rose Press.

Until then, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Hugs and kisses,


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